Who’s organizing this event?

This event is being organized by a group of about eight to ten  people that live, work and eat on PEI and are passionate about local food and community-building. This is truly a grassroots event and the first one that we are organizing – we’re still brainstorming a name for our group!  We’ll be introducing ourselves at the Local MEAL and look forward to meeting you!

Why a Local MEAL?

We really want to be involved in promoting local food and helping to spread awareness about the benefits of buying local to as many people as possible. We also see the Local MEAL as an opportunity for those that are already engaged in food issues on PEI or are interested in becoming involved to meet and share their visions, ideas, etc.

Are you serving up a meal at A Local MEAL?

Yes and no. We are not able to provide a sit-down meal for attendees, however we’re really excited to be able to offer a wonderful sampling of local foods prepared by our chefs who will preparing hot and cold appetizer sized samplers at the Culinary Institute of Canada and serving them throughout the evening at the event. We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of local food producers, who’ve donated everything from lamb to sausage to cheese to preserves to produce. Check out our Friends page for a list of our donors.

So should I eat before I come to the event?

We suggest you enjoy a late lunch or an early dinner that’s on the light side. Note that most of the food sampling will take place after the speakers have finished (at around 8)

What’s the schedule for the night?

From 6.30 to 7.00 we’ll welcome folks to come to The Farm Centre, mingle and have a few food samples. From 7.00 to 8.00 our amazing speakers will present their 6.5 minute talks on various subjects regarding local food. From 8.00 until 9.30 please stick around to mingle, sample more foods, and chat with our speakers.

Can I bring my kids/baby?

Yes, all ages are welcome!

Are there going to be more events about local food in the future?

We really hope that we can continue planning events in the future that focus  on various aspects of local food and that differ in format, location, etc.


One Response to FAQs

  1. Talked to your Dad today, told me about your operation. I tried something close when I had my market garden. Glad to see it’s going well — your timing is great. Take a look at my site, this is the same product that gave my veggies great taste. We are expanding, hopefully your way this year. If you have any questions or if I can help — any time, call 866-664-3160 or send an e-mail.
    Good yo see you are doing well

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