The Speakers

We had a wonderful line-up of speakers for A Local MEAL; they were most definitely the highlight of a fantastic evening.  Visit their websites, check out the videos of their talks, or view the original presentations (saved in PDF, rather than the original Powerpoint version)  for inspiration and insight! We had an unexpected, but welcome, last minute addition to the speakers when Paul Offer requested the opportunity to say a few words.

More updates on links to come soon! Check back!

Introduction and Paul Offer’s Speech


ROB PATERSON      Website —  VideoPresentation

SALLY BERNARD    Website —  VideoPresentation

PHIL FERRARO       Website —  VideoPresentation

JOHN QUIMBY         Website —  VideoPresentation

KENT THOMPSON  Website —  VideoPresentation

JEN CAMPBELL        Website —  Video Presentation

IAN PETRIE               WebsiteVideoPresentation

NAOMI COUSINS     Website — Video  — Presentation

JOSH BIGGLEY         Website —  Video — Presentation




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